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On this 3 day weekend i finished Gone Girl. Like most of the times i don’t know how i feel. Gave it 4 starts but it’s like 4.4, i loved it and wasn’t expecting 60% of the plot it self! I don’t usually read thriller/crime books except for Sherlock and this was amazing.

Now, on to the story without spoilers. Nick and Amy area married for 5 years and on the day of the party Amy go’s missing. All clues point to Nick and everyone thinks he did it. But did he really did it?

I can’t say anything or else the all book will be spoiled. Read it if you can because is a roller-coster of emotions. I started loving something and ended up hating it!

I will do, as always, a spoiler review next!


Well, let’s try to explain this.

First, Amy is not, i repeat IS NOT, Amazing Amy. She is Crazy Amy.
I liked Amy, diary Amy, she was nice but i started to feel a strange vibe in the middle of the first diary entries. At a point i noticed that the writing was forced and wasn’t natural. But when it all turned i understood it. I liked that twist and the plot turning. I started by hating Nick and when i realize it i was hating both Nick and Amy.

The plot was amazing, the details and the preparation, psychopathic like. I have to admit that Andie appeared and i hated her. Young sexual girl… comnon… Nick had to go that down to look even more pathetic? And his personality wasn’t good. Always sad and not showing emotions and hard hearted. When before he wasn’t like that at all. Not being able to support his mother after moving to help her? Amy wasn’t the one that had to help her, it was Nick. After all, he was the one who forced Amy to move to Missouri.

Amy on the other hand was changing at the speed of light! On one entry she was all lovely and on next she was all depressed. But was following the natural course of the missing plot.
Her parents… i hated them from the minute they show up because i could see they weren’t good. Writing a novel based on your dream daughter? And then asking her for all the money back because they were stupid? yeah…. not very smart. This showed me that the relationship between them wasn’t good. I started to feel a ”bad vibe” when she started helping Nick’s Mother and Father because she always sad she didn’t ”like them”.

The minute i discover that Amy was not ”Amy” i actually was looking to the page not understanding a lot. But i liked it. It explained everything and i finally understood Amy. She was who she was and the fault was due to everything her parents taught her. To me the most shocking revelations were the ones of her childhood. The Rape, The Suzy complex and Desi.

The Rape story…. GOD… she actually when through all of that just to prove a point? Hurting her self… Crazy Bitch…
The Suzy Complex… Amy ruined someone life because someone was nicer then her?….

And finally Desi…. Oh Desi… they would have been the perfect couple. Crazy Desi with Crazy Amy. He was in fact crazy but because she made him that way. The most shocking thing to me was Amy saying that her father raped her. Of course Desi was so protective over Amy when they were with Amy’s parents.
Of course Desi was crazy for her and when he had the opportunity he kidnapped her. He just didn’t understand Amy.

I enjoyed seeing Amy being robbed. I didn’t like Greta and Jeff but taking Amy’s power was the happy moment for the reader, a hero moment (more like anti hero).

As for the ending, i liked it. A crazy ending to a crazy book with a crazy couple. I hope Nick is smart enough to plan a escape with their son the moment he is born. He had almost a year and if Amy can do it so can he.

I hope the movie is has good has the book. I heard the ending is going to be different. I hope they don’t mess up.

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4 thoughts on “Gone Girl Book Review

  1. I had this confused with ‘Gone’! which I also enjoyed, recommended by my teenage daughter. Now I will have to read ‘Gone Girl’ and recommend it to my daughter if it is suitable for a 15 year old. I haven’t read the spoiler yet.


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