The Book Thief Book/Movie Revew



The latest book read was The Book Thief. This review is going to focus first on the book, second the movie and finally a review of the adaptation.


This book and AMAZING! I don’t have words to express how i feel about it. All the hype surrounding it is on point.

The use of german all over the book is quite fun and we can actually learn something. The narrator says amazing things and the quote that was stuck with me was

“You want to know what I truly look like?
I’ll help you out. Find yourself a mirror while I continue.”.

The analysis death makes on humans and on war make you think in a lot of thing you didn’t expect to think.
Hans and Rude are amazing and loved them ans Rosa too. The relationship between them leaved me always with a tear of laugh.
All over and without spoilers, go read this book if you haven’t. For more details and spoilers keep reading.



Was it a good movie? Yes. Was it a good adaption? No.

Maybe it was because i just had finished the book and all the details were very present but i didn’t like the changes made. I HATED them. I enjoyed the movie, and if you didn’t read the book you will probably love it but if you read the book you know how good it’s.

I liked the characters, (i expected a fatter Rosa, to be honest) Hans and Rosa are the perfect parents, i was happy to see the detail of the “Saumench” was there and the winking.
When i first saw Rudy i know it was him of course (Lemon Hair).
I like the movie but didn’t like the adaptation, i will re watch it some time because is in fact a pleasant movie. For a extended review keep reading.


This book will be the dead of me. I usually never cry in endings but his one…. i was so connected to everyone and to Hans and Rudy… I really felt like Liesel saying goodbye. And That scene. That was powerful. A little teenage girl saying goodbye to everything knew everything she loved. I really felt that heart broken moment.
Hans is such a good men, what all men should be. Knowing right from wrong and knowing what is needed to survive. Going to war was very difficult to read, a good men leaving his family because he helped another person… He painted houses for free never expecting anything, he housed a jew knowing it was never going to have anything on return. He was just a good men. Rosa was of course a good woman. She was just very “closed” to herself. But housing a jew and feeding him, treating him just shows how good of a woman she is.
Another moment that made me sad was the jews parade where Max was one. Because Max was a character that most of us can relate to in some point. Of course not in the way we are chased and not being able to see the sun or anyone at all but all the nightmares that hunt us and that one friend can change that and can make us better. The books he made for her shown us light in all of that darkness. And the epilogue where they found each other was an overwhelming moment to me. I actually believed Max died because that was what happened in the camps. So he being alive was the happy ending i needed.

Rudy… oh Rudy, can someone be such a good friend? That relationship was so pure and so genuine. I felt so bad when reading the death scene… I always knew at some point he would died because there are no happy endings in WWII Germany.

Know for the actual stealing. That was not stealing, that was a girl wanting more books and don’t having the money to get it. Liesel knew that was wrong, she wasn’t stupid. And this leaves me to talk about Liesel and Death.

First, Death. Why is she so “perfect”? She knows what life is and what humans are. Is never late to learn something and i learn a lot more. She see’s life has it is and has such human like emotions, why? Because death is like us. That is stuck with me, knowing death is just like us but at the same times so very different.

Liesel is the girl that suffers all of her life and her happy ending never happens in the way we want it. She does marry someone and haves kids and has Max in her life but everything she went through. Losing her brother and seeing death in the eyes for the first time. Losing her mother, knowing what Hitler was doing. Then losing Max and finally losing Papa, Rosa and Rudy… I was happy to now that Rudy father was there for her when she lost everyone. Learning everything from scratch for 2 times, how to live. That is the message we all need in out lives.

There is some much thing to talk about. Everytime i think about it i remeber another thing (the whipping, the accordion,the laundry…) and another detail. I can’t express the happiness i feel for finally reading this book.

Go ahead and read it if you can.


Like i said before. Good movie, bad adaptation. Why would they change so much?
I know the book is quite violent at some points but that was important. There were just 1 jews parade and Rudy wasn’t going anywhere his father was! Max din’t walk outside, he peaked through a window. I know that every details in impossible to be in the movie but the order of events… can’t they respect that?


Of course that for a book reader the movie is very fast passed and at least there were some details that they kept.

Maybe i should have waited a time before watching the movie but i really needed to see it. I will watch it a lot more times because it’s a good movie but to appreciate it i need to forget everything or almost everything about the book.

This is one of those cases where read the book please. If you liked the movie go see for your own eyes how amazing Liesel story is.

Stay Awesome,



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