Transcendence Review


This weekend i watched Transcendence and today we have a review of some of the aspects i felt needed some thought.

The general idea of the movie is this men, Dr. Will Caster an artificial-intelligence (IA) researcher, that was able to upload a monkey to a computer. His best friend, Max Waters, and wife, Evelyn Caster, support him and want to make the world a better place.

transAfter a convention Will is shoot and eventually dies. Not wanting to loose her husband Evelyn tries to upload him and with the help of Max they actually do it. But Will wan’t more, he want to explore the internet and because unstoppable. A terrorist group is trying to stop him and Evelyn but apparently they can’t.

This plot is very appealing to me, i love sci-fi and being in computer science, this type of thinking and analysis always intrigues me.

In general i liked the movie and it makes you think of very important questions about power and knowledge.

Careful for spoilers if you haven’t watched it yet.

Now, for a spoiler review. I really enjoyed that fact that Max was the only one that didn’t fit in the fight. I felt exactly like him. If we could just trust someone to do the right thing with the power Will released we could revive forest and solve the water problem and the petrol and everything that involved nature would be fixed. But then it comes the ethic problems.transcendence-movie-still-22

Why should we stop there? we could save people, stop world hunger and stop cancer and AIDS… but i don’t believe in this. I just agree that we could save our planet but never use it on humans.

The terrorists were fighting for what they thought was important but has always both sides are way off. To me Max was the only that understood both sides and was in the middle.

In the end when Max says to Evelyn that it wasn’t will who wanted to change the world she was the one i understood that Will wasn’t Will, it was what Evelyn wanted. She was the one who helped write the code and has in the beginning we can see, PINN (the IA Will created) doesn’t know what conscience is because we has human don’t know either. I really think that Will wasn’t nothing more than a reflex of what Evelyn wanted.

The ending is what needs to be, the faith of man kind in the hand of the men who was in the middle of everything and had the answer to stop Will. The death of Will and Evelyn is predictable since she was mentally unstable has Will was.
In conclusion, i liked the movie, a 3.8 stars because i felt the movie was short in plot. By the half time the trailer material was still going and the only thing that remained a mystery was the way they would stop him.

Stay awesome,



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