Adventure through Lisbon

This weekend i went to Lisbon and stayed in Bairro Alto. The weather was amazing with blue sky’s and not much wind. Has i arrived, morning, i went to Ocenário, an obligatory stop! Always an amazing place to visit. IMG_8609Parque das Nações is always a good place to visit and go for i walk. You can use the cable car too, good view of the city and the long bridge Vasco da Gama. I didn’t have an fixed itinerary, in the afternoon i walked around the city and went through Terreiro do Paço, Rossio e Armazéns do Chiado and a bunch of other places.


I even got to see 2  weddings! Everybody was nice to the couple and was cheering for them.


  And of course i had to go to Starbucks! I forgot to take pictures, we went on the Rossio one and it was beautiful actually. The first day was over, we were tired and stayed at the apartment but we spent a few hours on the porch watching the street in all of it’s glory. On the second and final day, we knew we had a 4 hour trip ahead so we tried to go see alot of things in the morning and we did it. We went to Torre de Belem, Padrão dos Descobrimentos e Cristo Rei. The only thing i haven’t seen was Cristo Rei but the other 2 are amazing as well.

IMG_8745 The view from Cristo Rei was awesome! You could see Lisbon and the bridge 25 de Abril. The statue is very different from the Brazilian (i haven’t been there). This one is surrounded by a grid so people don’t fall down. IMG_8787 I would love to go again and visit other places beside the ones i already saw. The city is very different from Porto but i still love my city more. Hope to go there again soon. Stay awesome, Viviana


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