Paper Towns


This weekend reading was “Paper Towns” by John Green.

I enjoyed it but isn’t my favorite, the female protagonist (Margo) is not my cup of tea and Q is a lovely boy (that can be a good thing). Q best friends(Ben and Radar) are by far my favorite characters. The jokes are great the group dynamic is genuine and like any best friends they have bad times and then realize that what friends are for.

Plot wise i like the mystery and all the clues to find and discover and the first part was very thrilling.

In summary, after reading “Looking for Alaska” and “The Fault in our Stars”, “Paper Towns” was a pleasant read, a quick one too, but not my favorite. Is very alike “Looking for Alaska” but very different at the same time.


For a full review keep reading.

This book…. Did i like the ending? I actually don’t know. I understand and i think that Q went back home and Margo went to New York and that’s life like it’s.

I expected the reunion a lot differently, not a loving embrace with kissing and admitting that she always loved him but a surprised one. And Radar, Ben and Lacey reaction was amazing, showing Margo she is not the center of the universe and that they did everything for Q and not her.

Loved Ben and Radar, they are amazing best friends and all the jokes are what makes the book funny. I also liked Q but in a different way, i see myself in him in a lot of things like being the friend your friends can always count on and being the more ”lone” one, but also depending on your friends to be happy. But Margo… Margo is another thing. I understand all sadness and felling like nobody knows her like she really his, i feel that way too, but not being able to stay and running away it isn’t real. Where would she get the money if she didn’t get a job in NY? Where would she live? I don’t think running away like this is correct and just shows how childish Margo can be. I like her ideas and the adventurous side of her but being and adult and growing up is being able to show other that you can live like you want and not running away.

I really enjoyed most of the metaphors and the analysis Q made of life and people around him. And all around i enjoyed the book a lot. Always expecting the final reunion.

I hope you enjoyed the review and i hope to see you reading this book soon!

Stay awesome,



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